Beginning on March 21, it will no longer be necessary for the applicant of an .ie domain name to demonstrate their connection with the name requested.

The “claim to the name” requirement stipulated that domains must match the company or trademark name of the applicant.  When this is not the case, the registry allowed for the applicant to explain the connection to the requested domain, such statements being subject to manual review.

This new policy does not connote any changes to the identity verification requirement nor the obligation that the applicant demonstrate a connection to Ireland.  By keeping these regulations and removing “claim to the name,” the thought is that registration will be easier for Irish applicants while the overall integrity of the TLD will be maintained.

It is not clear at this time whether the new regulations preclude an applicant with a bonafide connection to Ireland from registering domain names in representation of other parties that do not.  If it is determined the the registry is permitting such arrangements, Toweb will seek an Irish contact that would allow us to register in this manner.

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