In 2016, the management of .ar domains passed from a UI created by the registry for their exclusive use, to an interface integrated with Argentina’s tax authority.  Instead of a username/password, users must logon to the interface with a valid local ID number.

Prior to the platform switch, the registry had allowed foreign entities to register .ar domains.  So, the migration brought with it a particular challenge:  How can foreign companies and individuals be allowed to operate in an interface where users are authenticated by their Argentinean ID number?

The solution chosen was the most direct one available:  Foreign registrants were given a separate access to the platform and a unique ID that would be recognized by the local tax authority, although invalid for any processes beyond domain management.

Beginning on Wednesday, February 28, foreign users found themselves unable to access this platform.  Upon entering their username and password, they are greeted with a message saying one or both is invalid.

Rumor has it that this condition will persist for the immediate future, although a contingency plan will be announced by which domains registered to foreign entities will not expire while this issue is being resolved.

There is no indication that the inability of foreign users to access the interface connotes a policy change;  All signs suggest that foreigners will continue to be able to register .ar names.

If you or your clients are affected by this situation, feel free to request registrations through Toweb.  We can process these through our Argentinean partners and transfer domains to the true registrants once access is restored for foreign entities.