A faction within the membership of the .au registry has met the threshold to formally propose a vote of no confidence in the organization’s CEO.

auDA has a system by which its 319 members retain some power to shape the direction of the agency.  One such power is the right to call a special meeting, if 5% of the membership sign a petition requesting such a meeting.  Josh Rowe, the head of the aforementioned faction, claims to have signatures of 10% of auDA members.

The aim of the no confidence vote would be to remove not only auDA CEO Cameron Boardman, but three other board members as well.

In addition to claiming that finances have been mismanaged and insinuating that salaried positions within auDA have been gifted, the faction raises concerns about the project to open .au registration at the second level.

Specifically, they express fears that registrants haven’t been adequately informed about the effect on search engine visibility of switching from a .com.au to a .au domain, nor the risk of an unaffiliated third-party registering the .au pair to one’s established .com.au domain.

The appearance of infighting at auDA is poorly-timed.  In October of last year, Australia’s Department of Communications and the Arts began a review of the management of the .au domain to ensure it was being managed “consistent with government and community expectations.”

One wonders if wholesale changes are on the horizon.

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