Since its formation in 2006, Caucasus Online has operated both as registry and registrar for Georgia’s .ge.  A new set of rules went into effect on April 15, by which domain name services will no longer be provided directly by Caucasus, but rather accredited registrars.

As is frequently the case, this transition to a registry-registrar model has brought with it changes that facilitate domain name management.  Most-welcome among these is the lifting of the local presence requirement.

Prior to Sunday, only Georgian entities could register .ge domains.  A small exception was made for foreign companies able to designate a Georgian representative, which were allowed to register one domain.

Language mandating a connection between the registrant name and domain requested has also been largely removed from the Terms and Conditions posted on the registry website.  The only relevant clause along these lines in the current T&C is one referencing the applicant’s “intent to use” the domain requested.  Although untested, parking or landing pages may be sufficient to constitute “use.”

Other changes include the introduction of AuthCode transfers and the UDRP standard for disputes.

Toweb will continue to offer .ge domain services and anticipates an uptick in registration based on these new regulations.

h/t IP Twins

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