Following the lead of other Latin American registries, Guatemala’s .gt has taken steps to bring its policies and pricing in line with other unrestricted TLDs.

For years, growth in three countries was stunted by a two-year minimum registration period: Panama (.pa), the Dominican Republic (.do) and Guatemala’s .gt.  With .do moving to a year-by-year model in 2017, now only Panama remains with this deterrent.

Beginning on May 6, it has been possible to register .gt for only one year.  In addition, a new pricing structure has been implemented by which Guatemalan entities pay less for domains:

  • .gt / 40 USD national / 60 USD foreign
  • / 20 USD national / 30 USD foreign

Whether the registrant is considered national or foreign is determined by the country specified for the registrant in domain details.  Toweb is seeking a local representative to allow customers interested in volume registration to “split the difference.”

In other words, we’d like to offer trustee registrations at a price between the registry fees for national and foreign entities.

A couple minor changes were also announced:  Following the policy change for registration, restores can now be ordered by paying for only one year of service.  There is also a generic warning to keep contact data updated, as information provided will face a higher degree of scrutiny.

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