ANTIC, the registry for .cm domains, has announced a campaign to raise awareness of the ccTLD in Cameroon.  In conjunction with these efforts, they’re dropping the price to a very reasonable rate of 7,000 CFA, roughly 13 USD.

For obvious reasons, .cm is a popular ccTLD among domain investors that profit from type-in-traffic.  With over 50,000 domains registered, the zone is much larger than one would otherwise expect from an African nation of this size.  Still, this number is modest when considering the innate potential of the extension, something likely due to its price tag:  Most registrars charge in the range of 100 USD.

The big question is whether end users outside of Cameroon will be able to take advantage of the price break.  To date, we haven’t seen any major registrars drop their .cm price and as far as we can tell, only one other international domain blog has even written an article about this announcement.

At this point, we must make an important disclaimer.  Toweb doesn’t know if ANTIC’s registrars are not paying the same 7,000 CFA fee, whether they have preferred pricing, or if this fee only applies if you register directly with ANTIC.  If pricing doesn’t apply to registrars, then it’s unlikely than international ccTLD providers will drop their price in lieu of this announcement.

Readers that have worked with .cm are likely familiar with Sarl, a company often referred to as the registry for .cm domains.  In truth, ANTIC is the registry, whereas is one of their 14 registrars.

In practice, the other 13 registrars appear to operate nearly exclusively in Cameroon, wheras itself operates a registrar program, whose participants include the most-recognizable registrars in the industry.   As such, the prices offered by is the determining factor for what readers of this article ultimately pay for .cm domain name services.

We’ve seen no announcement from as of the date of publication, but will be monitoring closely.

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