Responding to allegations made publicly by a key figure in the early years of .pt, the Portuguese Attorney General has opened an investigation into the registry’s operations.

Pedro Veiga was Director of FCCN, the precursor to the current registry operator Luísa Gueifão, chair of the board of directors, worked under Veiga at FCCN.

In March, Veiga resigned from his position as Coordinator of the National Center for Cybersecurity (CNCS).  He was called to testify before a congressional committee as to the reasons for his resignation.

Veiga stated that he quit in protest of a decision by the country’s Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education not to reassign management of Portugal’s top-level domain to the CNCS.  He went on to detail claims of mismanagement by Gueifão and the board.

Specifically, Veiga called attention to the fact that by serving simultaneously as the chair of the board of directors and having a seat on its general assembly, Gueifão has an ability to exercise infuence over her own salary.  He cites a recent vote in which he alleges that she attempted to do just that.

Additioanl allegations made by Veiga were that Gueifão once misidentified herself as IANA delegate to Portugal, a non-existent position, and that acted imprudently in securing office space in downtown Lisbon.

These on-the-record claims were sufficient for Portugal’s Attorney General to launch an investigation. issued a press release lamenting the accusations of Veiga and denying any wrongdoing.

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