In Argentina, there is a unified online platform for government services called TAD.  One such service is the administration of .ar domain names.

Some government services, for example requesting certificates, can be handled by individuals with no particular experience.  Other services, such as paying taxes, are best left to professionals.

For this reason, TAD has a mechanism by which users can delegate the management of certain services to professionals.  So, if a Argentinean user wants Toweb to manage their .ar domain name, they must make the corresponding delegation in TAD.

Last week, the procedure by which these delegations are made underwent a series of changes.  Instead of honoring delegations made under the previous protocol, these will be left null and void, thus requiring user wishing to delegate services to do so again using the new protocol.

Bureaucracy in government services is nothing new, but its application to domain name management signifies a notable break from industry best practices.  Can you imagine if all the .com domains you had under management suddenly disappeared from your account and you were forced to ask each registrant to re-transfer them?

If you are affected by this situation and are not yet in contact with Toweb support, please raise a Ticket and we’ll communicate the steps to follow to regain management of your domains.

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