NIC Paraguay has taken a step towards automation, in that registration requests are now approved automatically.  Previously, the applicant had to wait at least a couple of days to know if their application was approved.

This is welcome news on a number of fronts.  First and most significantly, registration orders can now reliably be fulfilled same day.  Toweb previously quoted a 5-7 day processing time.

Apart from taking a few days, the review appeared influenced by perception, as opposed to any standardized criteria.  There was a sense that generic names faced a longer wait for approval than those matching the applicant’s name or that of their business.

Beyond the name itself, the standing of the domain manager also appeared to affect the likelihood of documentation being requested.  For example, if a new register ordered, it was a near certainty that they’d be asked to provide proof that Acme, Inc. was indeed the end user.  An established registrar would probably be trusted and not face this requirement.

Of course, all of the above is based on perception and doesn’t refect any policy previously in effect.  Now that the approval has been removed, users can feel confident submitting their registration orders.

As an added benefit, the registry has also removed the restrictions for registrations.  This extension was previously available only to ISPs registered with CONATEL, the National Telecommunications Commission or Paraguay.


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