Chile’s .cl is a fast-growing ccTLD, which owes mainly to a pair of policy changes.  First in 2013, the local presence requirement was eliminated.  Three years later, the registry introduced registrar accreditation and launched their API.

Now a new policy change has been announced and it holds similar potential to the previous two.  Whereas from 2016-2018 registry accreditation was open only to ICANN-accredited registrars, it will now be possible for local Chilean entities to gain accreditation, provided they have the technical capacity to provide .cl domain name services.

Led by Key-Systems, Openprovider and InterNetX, accredited registrars process a significant percentage of registrations where the end client is located outside of Chile.  However, registrars process only about 5% of all registrations, meaning that the bulk of business is done by Chileans registering directly via the NIC Chile interface.

New actors will presumably now enter the local marketplace in an attempt to win this business.  Chilean hosting companies will have the inside track, as many service the same clientele interested in .cl domains, but simply instruct these users to register the domain at NIC CL and set their nameservers.  The logistical challenges of bundling .cl domain and hosting can be more-easily resolved.

This announcement is of particular relevance to Toweb, as we operate an office in Chile.  If any would be interested in going after the market share described in the previous paragraph, we’d encourage them to reach out and explore partnership opportunities.