In September, we posted about a legal fight underway in India, where Afilias sought to nullify a decision to award the .in registry services contact to Neustar.  Despite the fact that this case is ongoing, the ccTLD operator NIXI has informed registrars that the transition to Neustar is to occur on February 28.

NIXI has posted basic information for registrants and registrars to a dedicated page on its website.  There’s nothing out of the ordinary and the main takeaways are the following:

— The registry will go offline for a maximum of 48 hours and no services can be processed during that period.  Deletions and transfers that otherwise would have completed during this 48 hours will be executed once the registry comes back online.

–AuthCodes will be reset and contacts ROIDs will get a new suffix

— Active domains will function normally

Registrars have not been provided with any information about changes in pricing, so the assumption is that there will be no change, at least for the time being.  As Neustar won the contract largely based on price and this registry operator runs promotions on its other TLDs, one would hope that price breaks are on the horizon.

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