Overnight, the complexity of registering under .et has gone from “completely impossible” to “easy.”

Through a partnership with Chinese registry services provider ZDNS, the ccTLD manager Ethio Telecom has launched a portal for the management of .et domains, as well as hosting services.  The procedure is in line with the industry standard and PayPal payment is available.

Although registration is open to foreign entities, the price is higher:

  • .et  /  120 USD foreign  / 35 USD local*
  • .com.et  /  100 USD foreign  /  14 USD local

* Based on ETB/USD conversion on the date of publication

Status as a local registrant is determined by the ability to deposit money into an Ethopian bank.  All PayPal transactions are charged at the higher, foreign rate.

ZDNS is the registry backend for a number of nTLDs, most notably .top.  This appears to be the company’s first ccTLD contract.

Toweb has begun to offer .et to brand clients keen on protecting their trademarks in Africa.  Registration should soon be available on our main interface, but for the time being, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or via Ticket to begin ordering .et.

h/t CircleID

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