BTK, Turkey’s Telecomunnications Authority, will take over management of .tr from Ankara’s Middle East Technical University (METU).  The latter had been managing the ccTLD since its creation in 1991.

Considered within the context of current events in Turkey, one might group the transition of .tr with other power-consolidating actions of the country’s ruling regime.  In truth, this has been in the works for many years:

— A 2008 law assigned oversight of internet domain names to the Ministry of Transport

— In 2010, the Ministry of Transport assigned the task of managing .tr to BTK

— BTK and METU signed a transition agreement in late 2018

The aforementioned agreement stipulates that there is to be a 42-month transition period.  During this time, METU will continue to operate .tr under contract from BTK.  Its personnel will provide the appropriate training to BTK staff, in anticipation of the reassignment.

BTK and METU have jointly presented their transfer request to IANA.  According to the IANA website, “fully-formed requests that clearly meet all relevant criteria can take as little as 1-2 months.”  In this scenario, .tr could be under BTK control before the end of the year and fully transferred by 2023. is a relatively complicated TLD to register and there are only about 330,000 active domains.  Here’s to hoping the transition leads to a simplified registration process.