Since 2014, there has been one application period per year during which Thailand’s THNIC has received and evaluated registration requests for second-level domains (ex.  Only around 100 such domains have been registered so far.

Prior to last month, there wasn’t too much information available on criteria for assigning these domains and to be honest, we weren’t even aware that these application periods were occurring.  That has now changed, as THNIC has issued a press release on the topic and published a list of policies surrounding SLD registration.

Before reading further, any interested parties should be aware that second-level .th is equally as restrictive as, the dominant third-level extension.  Only Thai entities and foreign entities holding a Thai trademark can apply.

The most evident change announced in the aforementioned press release is that frequency of the application periods will be increased from once to three times per year.  Applications are now being accepted for the first such period, the deadline being June 30.

As it has been since 2014, the review and allocation process is manual  After the conclusion of the application window, a committee takes five days to analyze all applications that have arrived.  The aforementioned press release provides a bit more clarity on the criteria applied by this committee.

Specifically, we now know the hierarchy of rights to a SLD in the case of multiple applicants for the same name:

  1. Thai trademark holder
  2. Foreign holder of Thai trademark
  3. Registrant of a matching third-level domain

Applicants that do not meet any of these criteria, but whose organization name matches the applied-for SLD, are given last priority.

Prices are steep.  The application fee is 10,000 THB (around 320 USD) and the registry asks for another 100,000 THB (3200 USD) after approval.

To date, Toweb is offering the opportunity to register .th domains only to clients managing corporate portfolios.  If you have not been contacted by our personnel, but wish to explore a .th registration, please raise a Ticket and we will get back to you within 24 working hours.



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