It was a Facebook ad for the Greek registrar Papaki that first drew our attention to a possible policy change for .cy domain registration.  Foreign registrants have historically needed to pay for an expensive trustee service, whereas Papaki’s ad says that is now “open and available for everyone.”

After consulting with our partners in the region and reading newly-published documents on the registry website, we can now confirm this news.  It is possible to register .cy domains at a reasonable price with no residency restriction.

The liberalization of the TLD may not even be the biggest news here:  Toweb has now confirmed independently that it is not possible to register second-level .cy domains, for example

Apart from removing the local presence requirement for registrants, the registry has also made things easier for registrars.  A new, online platform is now available for domain management.  There is no accreditation process and any user can create an account here.

The registration process is simple, albeit not fully-automated.  The user inputs contacts and DNS, then is prompted to upload the registrant’s identify document.  Once the completed form is submitted, an application is created, which can be reviewed and edited in the interface.  The domain is NOT reserved at this point and a Whois search will still return a result of “available.”

For our first attempts, application approval has taken about a week.   None of the test registrations were rejected by the registry.

Transferring a .cy domain using trustee service used to be a cumbersome process, where the losing trustee would have to send a form to delete the domain, thereby permitting that the gaining registrar to re-register the name with their data.  The registry has simplified this process as well, now requiring only that the registrant or domain manager update contacts via web interface to move the name to a new administrator.

Toweb is currently updating workflows to reflect a direct-management model for .cy and will soon begin moving domains currently under management into our own registry account.  While annual fees will remain at current levels until this migration is complete, we are now able to offer lower prices for clients that wish to register new domains at this time.  Just reach out to your account manager for more details.