On December 17-18, the inagural Chad DNS Forum was held in the country´s capitol N’Djamena. A key point on the agenda was boosing domain registrations under .td, a zone with fewer than 500 active domains, but for which the government sees potential for growth.

In 2017, the Chadian telecommunications operator SOTEL turned the ccTLD over to a newly-created government agency called ADETIC. The current iteration of the registry was launched as a joint effort between these two entities and CoCCA, whose registry software is already in use by 54 other ccTLDs.

.td domain registration is done through registrars, of which there are currently just four. ADETIC aims to increase this number both by holding workshops for prospective registrars and by offering a more efficient software through CoCCA.

The current group of registrars is made up of three local entities and Afriregister, a registrar operating in several countries in the region and which manages ccTLD portfolios for other registrars abroad.

Afriregister has a landing page on a .td domain and a support phone number with the local +235 prefix. It is not clear if they have a bonafide presence in Chad, or if this is even a requirement for accreditation. The registry website doesn’t list any specific criteria, asking simply that prospective registrars send their information by e-mail or post.

The fee for registrars is not known. Afriregister’s published price is 30.000 XFA on the Chadian website, or around 50 USD. However, an error appears when attempting checkout, indicating that the user has accessed from a foreign IP and that the page is only for local use. The price to register under .td from Afriregister’s international website is 175 EUR.

Regardless of whether the price is 50 USD or 175 EUR, current rates are too high to garner investor interest, so .td will likely remain in the realm of brand protection for the immediate future. Toweb has begun offering .td on a limited basis, so please reach out to your Account Manager if you wish to explore a registration. The TLD is unrestricted and as you might image with a zone size under 500, most generic terms are still available.

At this time Toweb has no specific plans to gain an accreditation with the .td registry, but we will be monitoring the registry website to see if any international actors beyond Afriregister decide to complete this process. The hope is that with more competition and a functional backend, we could see prices come down in the not-too-distant future.