During the ICANN meeting in Montréal in November, APTLD convened a meeting of three “mature” ccTLD operators:  auDA (Australia), PANDI (Indonesia) and DNS.PT (Portugual).  The topic of conversation was the promotion of .tl domains.

APTLD is acting as the bridge between these operators and the ccTLD manager for Timor Leste.  The Montréal meeting produced a general agreement on operating principles for a project described as “capacity building.”

The three operators each have a unique interest in the project:

— DNS.PT works to develop the Portuguese-language internet.  Timor Leste is a Portuguese-speaking nation.

— auDA supports Australia’s International Cyber Engagement Strategy.  Their participation aims to ensure that best practices are applied in terms of internet governance.

— The easternmost islands of Indonesia are a short distance from Timor Leste.  In addition to advising its neighbor, PANDI view this project as an opportunity to learn from auDA and DNS.PT.

Little information is available as to what this project will entail.  From the language used in the APTLD press release, it should be a mix of operational and marketing support.

.tl currently operates on CoCCA software and nic.tl resolves to CoCCA’s website.  Upon searching the website of the ccTLD manager, Timor Leste’s National Telecommunications Authority, Toweb was unable to find any section with information on policies for the .tl domain name.

DNS.PT and PANDI operate their own backends, whereas auDA uses Afilias.  It’s unclear whether this project will involve a migration away from CoCCA software.   .tl domains are widely-available internationally, but seldom receive any promotion.  The wholesale price of 40 AUD (approximately 28 USD) would need to come down a bit to drive registrations abroad.

If there are relevant developments for .tl that arise from this project, we will publish a new item to outline them.  For the moment, .tl services will continue as usual and this story is noteworthy primarily for the composition of the team that will be promoting this ccTLD.

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