Today’s post was originally intended to be a follow-up on a story from May about the .tr registry transition.  So as to not bury the lede, we first wanted to make known a few interesting nuggets uncovered during the research for this post.

The registry has published a FAQ about the transition, which refers not only to the process of migration, but also presents some information on rule changes to occur after the conclusion of this process.  Among these changes are a couple that should prove relevant to Toweb customers:

— Second-level registration (ex. will be possible one year after the activation of the new registration system.  The date of activation is TBD, so it’s not yet possible to speculate on when exactly this launch will begin

— Documents will no longer be required to register under / /  Under the current system, applicants for these domains must submit proof of a legitimate connection to Tukey

— It will be possible to sell domains three years after the new system is activated.  We presume that this means that owner update without deleting and re-registering the domain will become possible.

Once the new system is activated, we’ll update this post to indicate when customers can freely register under and when the second-level .tr launch will take place.  Now onto the original purpose of this post, to provide an update on where we currently stand:

For the past few months, the registry website has given March 23 as the date on which they’d stop providing registration services directly.  They have followed through on this announcement and it is not currently possible to register new, domains on the website.

As mentioned above, there is an as-yet-undetermined date on which a new registration system will be activated.  Until that activation occurs, it is possible for users to initiate the transfer of their domains to an accredited registrar via the website, by following this link.

After the activation occurs, the website will be shut down and domains will automatically migrate to the new system.  Presumably, there will be some way for registrants that haven’t yet migrated to a registrar to do so via the new system, but no information on such procedures is yet available.

As of this moment, we can’t provide any actionable information and are publishing the above so that domain investors and other interested parties can prepare and keep an eye on news regarding .tr.

We understand that some parties may wish to register third-level names in the hopes of acquiring priority rights to the corresponding second-level domains.  The publication of launch rules is probably a year away at the least, but we’d of course be willing to assist clients that wish to adopt this strategy on a speculative basis.

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