One year after the first .ar domains were registered in Sunrise, next week it will finally be possible for the general public to register second-level Argentine domains.

Starting at midnight on September 15, NIC AR will open up registration at the second level (ex. without the registrant having met any particular conditions. This was originally scheduled to occur in March, but had to be delayed.

We’ve been preparing for this moment for a while and many clients have already submitted preorders. If you didn’t get a chance to place a preorder, there is no longer a need to do so via any special procedure: Simply request the domain in our interface as you would any other new registration. If the system tells you the domain is taken, then you know it’s already been requested by another customer. If your order is accepted, that means we’ll attempt to register the domain for you at midnight on the 15th.

As with other preordering periods at Toweb, there’s no additional fee to request a domain in advance and we will refund the entirety of the registration fee for domains that we’re not able to acquire.

Other considerations for those preparing to place orders for .ar domains next week:

— Four characters is the minimum length

— There is no blocking mechanism in place to prevent registrations when another entity holds a matching domain under

— Unlike domains acquired during Sunrise and Landrush, which cannot be transferred for two years, there is nothing preventing the registrant from transferring domains registered during GA. In other words, there’s nothing stopping you from selling .ar domains acquired in GA on the secondary market.

— There is a long list of restricted/reserved domains that can be found here.

Although participation in Sunrise and Landrush was high, there are plenty of good names available. This is evidenced by our high volume of pre-orders, which is far greater than orders received during the previous two launch phases. We recommend ordering domains in advance during the next few days, as opposed to waiting until the 15th or later.