Although our activities have broadened over the years, Toweb is still best known as a provider of .br domain name services.  Our English, Spanish and German-speaking fulfillment staff enjoy a productive collaboration with Toweb’s office in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, together providing an unparalleled level of support for this TLD.

The benefits of adding .br to your ccTLD offering are self-evident:  The demand for domains (mainly is commensurate with a country of Brazil’s size and the registry’s local presence requirement impedes interested parties from setting up an account there.  Hence, volume from abroad is funneled through registrars.

.br domain protocol is unique and you’ll be able to lean heavily on our .br specialists to guide you through integration.  Before that, it’s a good idea to think about how exactly your company wants to approach its .br sales strategy:

Do you want to offer domains to Brazilian customers?

Great!  These customers are probably going to want to register domains using their personal ID number (CPF) or that of their company (CNPJ).  You’re not going to need to worry about trustee service, but will need to do a bit more work on the integration to ensure that the CPF/CNPJ numbers are input correctly with each order.

Are you an international registrar that wants to offer .br or improve your current pricing? 

In this case, the trustee service is going to be critical to your offering.  As with other TLDs that require a local contact, prices for this service vary greatly on the market:  Most registrars with an accreditation for .br will charge at least 20 USD per year, with some going as high as 80 USD.  Toweb’s pricing ranges from a few dollars to nothing, depending on the client’s volume.

Integration for registrars looking to offer .br to foreign registrants is a snap;  You can set the trustee acceptance parameter as default and apart from that, send domain orders as you would with any other TLD.

Sound like something you can handle?

Just raise a Ticket with your contact information, marking the box “Brazil” when prompted to identify which ccTLD group is of interest.