Our Santiago, Chile based team is ready to assist you in incorporating Latin American ccTLDs into your domain offering or personal portfolio.  Not sure where to begin?  Below you’ll find an overview of the ccTLDs in the region, their requirements and which third-level extensions are used locally.

Note:  A legend of terms used can be found below the table.

CountryPopulationTLDGoogleSecond LevelRegistry ModelRestrictionsToweb Solution
Argentina4arcom.arNoRetail OnlyRegistrant validationTrustee service
Bolivia11bocom.boYesRetail OnlyLocal paymentLocal payer
Brazil1brcom.brNoRetail + RegistrarLocal presenceTrustee service + accreditation
Chile7clclYesRetail + RegistrarNoneAccreditation
Registrar OnlyNoneAccreditation
Costa Rica16crco.crYesRetail OnlyNone
Cuba10cucom.cuYesRetail OnlyTM/ORG match
Dominican Republic12docom.doYesRetail OnlyNone
Ecuador8eccom.ecYesRetail + RegistrarNone
Guatemala9com.gtcom.gtYesRetail OnlyNone
Honduras13hnhnYesRetail + RegistrarNoneAccreditation
Mexico2mxcom.mxYesRegistrar OnlyNoneAccreditation
Nicaragua15nocom.niYesRetail OnlyLocal paymentLocal payer
Panama17pacom.paSunriseRetail OnlyNone
Paraguay14pycom.pyNoRetail OnlyLocal paymentLocal payer
Peru5pecom.peYesRetail + RegistrarNoneAccreditation
Puerto Rico18prcom.prYesRetail + RegistrarNone
Uruguay19uycom.uyYesRegistrar OnlyLocal presenceTrustee service
Venezuela6veco.veNoRetail OnlyLocal paymentLocal payer

Here’s a guide to intepreting the table:

Population:  The country’s population rank among Latin America, with 1 representing the country with the largest population and 19 the country with the smallest.

Google:  The domain extension used by Google’s local website.  This is a shortcut to answering the question, “Which extension is most-used locally?

Second-Level:  Answers the question, “Does the registry allow registrations directly under the ccTLD?”  For example, the value is “YES” in Bolivia, meaning you can register mycompany.bo.  The answer is “NO” for Argentina, meaning that domains like mycompany.ar are not allowed.

Registry Model:  Here you can find out if the registry works directly with end users, operates through registrars, or a mix of both.

Restrictions:  In this section, “None” indicates that any person, foreign or local, can go to the registry website and register a domain by paying with a credit card.  Other values indicate what impediments exist to operating in this manner.

Toweb Solution:  The companion to the previous category “Restrictions,” here you’ll find the service offered by Toweb to overcome obstacles to registration by foreign entities.