In 2008, Toweb’s founder Lars Jensen (LinkedIn) was living in Brazil and looking to resume his career in the domain industry.  His move was to start a business assisting global registrars in providing .br domains to their clients.

The decision paid off:  .br is a top ten ccTLD by total domain registered and a local presence is needed for registrants and domain providers looking to become accredited.  Toweb’s unique ability to satisfy both requirements led to a thriving business with tens of thousands of .br domains under management and a client list that reads like a who’s who of top registrars.

Having solidified its presence as a top .br supplier to foreign registrars, Toweb began to expand its scope into other countries of Latin America.  Through key hires such as current COO Simon Penchansky (LinkedIn) and forming alliances with local vendors, in 2014 Toweb began the second stage of its evolution, incorporating 16 ccTLDs into its offering and beginning to offer a full slate of Latin American ccTLDs.

Domain industry heavyweights took notice of Toweb’s ascencion and an agreement was formed to join the KeyDrive Group.  Through this alliance, a third stage of the company began to take shape.

A multilingual team with a physical presence in Latin America allowed Toweb to secure a sizable client base in Europe and North America.  While one might identify the ability to work with Latin American registries as the selling point, Toweb’s loyal clients beg to differ:  The company’s true strength lies in its team of domain specialists.

Combining this top-notch customer service team and access to KeyDrive Group’s wholesale pricing has formed yet another identity for Toweb: Global ccTLD provider.

Toweb’s evolution has taken the company from a niche registrar to a player in the global ccTLD provisioning market.  Whether it involve sending a registration fee through Western Union to a small African nation, or working with developers to enable specialized EPP commands for European registries, someone at Toweb is able to assist with any ccTLD need.

Today, Toweb is part of the London-based CentralNic Group PLC which is listed on the London Stock Exchange  Alternative Investment Market (AIM: CNIC). CentralNic develops and manages software platforms allowing businesses globally to use the internet for their websites, email, brand protection and monetisation. With customers in over 190 countries, CentralNic Group is a truly global business both in terms of customer base and onsite presence, deriving revenue from the worldwide sale of domain names, hosting  and other critical internet infrastructure services on an annual subscription basis.